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Stacey Maurer is a professional photographer in Jacksonville, Florida who has earned the reputation as one of the #1 photographers trusted among women in the Southeast. Stacey specializes in photographing women celebrating milestones in all stages or their lives and promises her clients a thoughtfully planned & personalized photo experience that truly shows the beauty of who they are. 

"The female body is a work of art and it's my responsibility as an artist to boost confidence in every woman I photograph. It is very special to show the women I photograph, the woman I see through my lens. To show them the woman that they have been building their entire life. To show both the strength and fragility of who they are in a single image."

Jacksonville, Florida's top photographer for women

Jacksonville, Florida's top photographer for women

Specializing in LUXURY boudoir, GLAMOUR & MAternity

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Pricing & Products

Every client is a work of art and investing in yourself is priceless.  An Emerald Photography experience can inspire us to find new perspective about ourselves and bring forward a new sense of self-confidence.  

Many Emerald Clients decide to purchase collection at the the time of booking. Our Collections offer products at a discounted price, credits for you to print and design your Wall Art and take out any questions you may have about owning gorgeous keepsakes you will want to invest in.

A la carte items are available and can be viewed at the Image Premiere and Ordering Session. My average client spends between $1900-$2300. I promise once you see you images, you may want them all. Contact Stacey to discuss the details of booking your Photoshoot Experience!

I believe in two things in my studio:
1) You only purchase what you love! Why have things that don't bring you joy for a lifetime!?  
2) Print. Your. Photographs. When you visit the studio, you can see samples of all the Wall Art, Albums and Prints that we offer.  Our products are VERY carefully sourced from all over the world so that we can offer only the highest quality to our clients.


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This is my about me, Stacey.  I promise to tell you more about - just taking a sec to figure out what :)

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Emerald Studio is located on Broad Street in the old Richmond Hotel. Historic buildings are in my blood so when I stumbled upon this space- I knew it was a good fit. The universe knows me and basically put this old gem in my lap. I am lucky to share my space with a fellow photographer who shares my passion.

Emerald's studio is a private space filled with eclectic walls and glamorous furniture and setups. It is right next to the new courthouse in downtown Jacksonville. I look forward to hosting every single one of my clients visiting my studio so that I can show them the magic of the building and tell the stories of the greats that once graced the areas where they will be photographed.        

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JUST A LITTLE ABOUT THis unique space

Click HERE to learn more about the richmond hotel >>>

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No, I shoot color as well but I LOVEEEEEEE black and white photography!  When you see your images at your appointment you will see color and b&w.  I like to present my brand with the things I love and monochrome images are a big part of that.  It allows you to really see yourself in a photograph and not be distracted by colors.

You can see colored images in the gallery links specific to what you may be interested in.

"When you photograph people in color you photograph their clothes.
But when your photograph people in black and white you photograph their souls!"
-Ted Grant

- Confirm date & time, pay Retainer fee & sign contracts
- Consultation via phone / email to discuss details
- Wardrobe planning with Stacey- can be done in-person or via Zoom
- Photoshoot Day
- Refer Emerald to everyone to earn $$ towards your purchases
- Two weeks later, come back to the studio for the Image Reveal & Ordering Session
- Choose your products at the Ordering Session. Look at samples and decide what best
   fits your home and budget
- Products are delivered
- Write an amazing review recommending Stacey :)

Every photographer is different, but I keep my session fee separate from my products.  The Session Fee covers the time of the photoshoot, professional hair and makeup artists, wardrobe consultation, guided posing, the time of the photographer for consultations and professional retouching of the images. When we meet for your Order Session, that is when you purchase all of your products, digitals and prints at that time. No products are included in the Session Fee.

I do not like to take any truth away from the original image, but I do like to make sure the focus is on what we discuss in the consultation. How far I retouch images will be discussed during our consultation together. The Image Premiere & Ordering Session is when you will view your images.  While viewing images we can discuss any change requests you may have. **Extra editing may result in extra fees.

I use a professional retouching service that does very minimal edits, then I put my artistic edits on them.  Everything is kept confidential and protected by legal contracts.

That's a firm NO. All images that are chosen have my artistic touch on them, along with my style of editing. I do not EVER offer raw files and my retouched files may never be edited by another party, not authorized by myself. I'd like to think you respect me enough and like my style and that's why you have hired me!

I would love to be able to offer my products at a cheaper rate because I believe EVERYONE should have beautifully printed photographs in their home, but that just isn’t a sustainable model for my business. I have very carefully sourced my products from all over the world and I stand behind their quality. I value the time and education I have put behind my passion and that holds true value to my brand and myself as an artist.

My digitals are the most valuable item I can offer because multiple copies can be made. I offer complimentary digitals with every print and *most* products (excludes my a la carte items and albums.)

Sure. Once you purchase your print resolution files you are free to print them wherever you would like, however, I cannot guarantee the quality of the printed items you receive. My personal labs are calibrated to my work and it is only then that I can control the quality and delivery of such products.

You will sign 3-4 contracts while working with me. First, you sign a contract for the session. It outlines all the details of the day and covers us both so we know what we can expect from each other. Next, you sign an ordering contract committing to what products you want to purchase and payment of those products. Lastly, I send a media model release after your reveal session so that you may decide what images, if any, I can use for print or web postings. I NEVER post anything without your permission. You can choose one image, all of them or none of them, it is entirely up to what you are comfortable with. And lastly, if you choose to do a payment plan, you will need to sign a contract outlining due dates and interest fees. Sorry guys, I know it's a lot of legal stuff but it keeps us all protected.

**A COVID -19 Contract will need to be signed prior to a session.

The Ordering Contract outlines your commitment to pay the agreed upon total price and verify the product(s) that you order.  

No. My photography is copyrighted which means they may not be altered in any way. If you need something, contact me, I am always open to discussion. I LOVE when my clients want to share their images.    

Yes! If you purchased the digital images, they include a print release which means they are yours to do whatever you wish. See something you like that I posted? Here's the deal- if you like something I did, sure, you can repost it as long as there is credit to me and the image is not altered! You may not post any of my work unless you are me or one of my clients. Special permissions may be granted case to case, just message me. I'm easy to work with ;)

My digital images are the most valuable product I own because they can be replicated.

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